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Revolutionizing Childcare

Revolutionizing Early Education and child care management

Parent™ simplifies child care management, enriches children’s education, and streamlines communication with parents.

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Robust, Resourceful, and Feature-Packed

A Comprehensive Solution to Manage Every Aspect of Your Childcare Center

Check-In App

Check-In App

Forget sign sheets. Track children and staff attendance using automated tools
Document Sharing

Document Sharing

Share documents with staff anytime & anywhere using your smart device
Smart Calendar

Smart Calendar

Create, manage, & share events and holidays. Send invites with RSVPs to parents & staff


Assign role-based access to each user from a centralized console
Lists For Everything

Lists For Everything

Create, modify, and manage allergy lists, immunization lists, and more
Food Plan

Food Plan

Create daily menus and upload them to the app for everyone to access
Children’s Attendance

Children’s Attendance

Quick sign-in for children with a delightfully easy-to-use tool
Working Hours

Working Hours

Track employee working hours and get insightful reports on their productivity

Create a Healthy Learning Environment for Children

Leverage Parent innovative features to meet your daycare’s unique needs

Hear it

from our happy customers!

“I can’t imagine not having Parent app as part of Twinkle Toes PlayCare because it saves us so much time so we could focus on things that really matter spending time with the kids and having fun”


Alanie Austine

Founder - Twinkle Toes PlayCare

““The partnership with Parent reinforces the commitment that we have for our parents, in providing quality in early childhood education. It has made us efficient in what we do the communication with parents, and most importantly we are in line with H.H. Sheikh Mohamad vision of paperless Dubai in 2012, and that is all we owe because of Parent.””

Dubai's Jumeirah International nursery general manager testimonial

Samina Khanyari

General Manager - Jumeirah International Nursery (JINS)

““Parent has brought various positive changes for us, we have come a step closer to a paperless office, and on another hand we have faster communication. We now have all the data in one place, and being able to retrieve the information via one platform we can quickly make a targeted decision for the institute and also have an overview of the institute at all time.””

Switzerland's KIDSatLAKE managing director testimonial

Frank Schulze

Managing Director – KIDSatLAKE - Switzerland

““Parent is perfect in communication with parents and staff members. Overview of the daily operations at a glance. Absolutely data and privacy compliant. Intuitive, less bureaucracy, more time for the children. Pictures, reports, documents, children lists, permissions… everything at a glance, for parents and educators. Parent is a valuable tool in cooperation with parents, it is the app for more professionalism!””

Austria's Kindergarten Muldorf Director testimonial

Daniela Lerchbaumer

Director – Kindergarten Muldorf - Austria

““We have become much faster with Parent. When we have news or other matters, we can directly and in the same exact second from Parent app. share the relevant information to the parents. Any information or clarifications from the parents can be clarified and answered much faster than before, instead of writing emails. Admins and teachers are much faster… Parent is efficient, and very compact!””


Claudia Stucki

Nursery Owner – KitaLilu - Switzerland

““It’s the idea of being able to connect even though you are not here … We live now in a more social media life and what easier way is it to tell you how your child was every single day except with an app. that does shows you like Facebook, that’s what Parent is, it’s your social media pilot for your child and It is extremely intuitive!””


Nouhad Doughan

Owner and Managing director – Kids Spot Nursery – UAE

““In Step by Step Nursery we do follow the British Curriculum the EYFS, we used to document all these activities that children are doing in the classroom, By using paper journals or portfolios while now they can do these observations write them on the app. and parents can directly receive those observations, assessments and the most and nice thing is they can receive it with evidence.””


Zeina Al Banna

Admin – Step by Step Nursery – UAE

““Teachers are finding Parent incredibly easy, Parents are enjoying all the photos on the newsfeed because it little bit like Facebook. The customer support service is outstanding they have a response time around 30’ to get back to you, the feedback response time exceeded our expectations since we didn’t have this before. ””

Debbie Evans

Owner and Managing director – Kiddy Planet Nursery - UAE

““At Tiny Town we work as partnership with our parents, the feedback that we are getting about Parent are absolutely amazing. It is the simplest app I ever used, especially that it covers all the 7 areas of EYFS. It is an amazing app. and would recommend Parent to everyone.””

Lara Steward

Principal – Tiny Town - UAE

““For me communicating with the nursery was very easy, very direct and, up to the minute. I feel a lot better and settled using Parent, you can use it from your desk, you sofa at home. It is a fantastic way to find out what your child is doing at the nursery… I would chose Tiny Town again because they are using Parent as an app.””

Nicola Curtis

Mother of 2 children – Tiny Town - UAE
Parent child care institution solution

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Create Your Daycare

Create Your Daycare

Enter Your Daycare Information & Contact Details
Staff & Classes

Staff & Classes

Create Classes & Groups; Add Teachers & Staff Members
Children & Parents

Children & Parents

Add Children With Their Parents To Send Automatic Invites
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Benefits for Preschool Management and Early Years Development!

Best Solution for Home Childcare, Daycare Centers, Nurseries, and Preschools.

Parent™ is an all-in-one childcare management application for everything you need including attendance tracking, events with automatic reminders, daily reports, detailed child profile, child development, photo and video sharing, unlimited document storage, billing, e-learning features, and much more.

Best of all, Parent uses real-time communication technology with instant notifications!

Built for early childhood settings of preschools, as well as daycare centers, kindergarten classrooms, home childcare, and nursery schools. Parent™ is the right choice for you.

Whether you are a preschool owner, daycare manager, early childhood teacher, or just parent. You can always count on Parent™ childcare management software as a trusted solution.

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