Light Boxes – The Ultimate Light Table Guide

The Ultimate Light Table Guide

A lightbox is a versatile tool that can be used for everything from open-ended play experiences to arts and crafts, to teaching academic concepts and more! Generally, it is used to explore objects with the added dimension of an upward-facing light. It is brilliant for investigation and experimenting. There is an extensive selection to choose from, including light panels, mood light shapes, and light tables. Or you can even make your own!

There are hundreds of possibilities for lightbox play and learning ideas and it is suitable for children of all ages, supporting their holistic development. It can be used for almost any type of activity as its’ most effective benefit is the fact that it creates an inviting learning space and encourages children to engage in learning activities through play without even realizing it.

If planned effectively the lightbox can become a center of learning and appeal to children, whose attention we struggle to grasp. When you infuse your light table center with opportunities for science, maths, literacy, and mark-making it quickly becomes a powerhouse of learning.

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