Your Guide Physical Activity and Nutrition Co-ordinator (PANCo)

Physical Activity and Nutrition Co-Ordinator (PANCO)

Have you heard of PANCo?

PANCo stands for Physical Activity and Nutrition Coordinator. It is a new role that is being created within the Early Years Sector in response to the growing problem of childhood obesity and the increasingly sedentary lifestyles which children lead. It has been developed from a pilot project by the Cambridge Childhood Partnership.

The aim of creating the role of PANCo within a setting is:

  • To put child wellbeing at the center of practice by developing this specialist role within every early year setting.
  • To build practitioner skills and confidence to undertake this role by providing training support and continuous professional development.
  • To support the well-being of children, families, and staff by developing a framework and knowledge base using current research and national guidelines.
In essence, the PANCo in a setting will be responsible for promoting and supporting physical activity and sound nutrition within the setting. They will implement change within the setting to ensure best practice in these areas and will support other practitioners and parents to make healthy choices with regard to nutrition and physical activity.
The new NCFE CACHE Level 4 Certificate for the Early Years Practitioner
has a unit devoted to the role of the PANCo. It will be possible to either do the entire Level 4 or attend specific units to achieve this Level 4 unit certification.
If you are interested in either the entire NCFE CACHE Level 4 Certificate for the Early Years Practitioner or in only the individual level 4 Unit certification for the PANCo unit contact for further detail.

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