Preschool Teaching and Learning Standards

The curriculum is defined as an educational philosophy for achieving desired educational outcomes through the presentation of an organized scope and sequence of activities with a description and/or inclusion of appropriate instructional materials. The preschool standards are not a curriculum, but are the learning targets for a curriculum. All preschool programs must implement a comprehensive, evidence-based preschool curriculum in order to meet the preschool standards. Developmentally appropriate teaching practices scaffold successful achievement of the preschool standards. Such practice is based on knowledge about how children learn and develop, how children vary in their development, and how best to support children’s learning and development. It is important to note, therefore, that although the preschool domains are presented as discrete areas in this document, the program must be delivered in an integrated manner through the curriculum’s daily routines, activities, and interactions. Preschool educational experiences are intended to stimulate, assist, support, and sustain emergent skills. Preschools aim to offer experiences that maximize young children’s learning and development, providing each child with a foundation for current and future school success.