Building a Strong Foundation for School Success: Early Childhood Standards

“Ready to Grow…Ready to Learn…Ready to Succeed” 

In Kentucky, school readiness means that each child enters school ready to engage in and benefit from early learning experiences that best promote the child’s success. Families, early care and education providers, school staff and community partners must work together to provide environments and developmental experiences that promote growth and learning to ensure that all children in Kentucky enter school eager and excited to learn. In developing the above recommendation, the Task Force recognized the five developmental areas for school readiness are: 

∙ Approaches to learning 

∙ Health and physical well-being 

∙ Language and communication development 

∙ Social and emotional development; and 

∙ Cognitive and general knowledge 

In addition to the definition of school readiness, the Task Force developed a series of indicators related to the above developmental areas. These readiness indicators provide an overview of the expectations of primary schools for incoming students and provide guidance to families and communities on how to prepare children for school.