Setting Børnegården Blistrup Free

About Børnegården Blistrup

Since 1978, Børnegården Blistrup has been a cornerstone of Early Childhood Education in Denmark. Based in Græsted, and led by Jens Ole Clausen, Børnegården Blistrup is a prime example of a classic daycare transitioning to today’s digital, paperless world.

Our experience with Børnegården Blistrup has been nothing short of excellent. With a growing roster of enrolled children and employees, Børnegården Blistrup needed Parent’s child care management enhancements. And we were more than up to the challenge.

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A Reputation to Uphold

We all ultimately want what’s best for our children. Danish community, however, has certain criteria that organizations, service provides and institutions like child care must provide. Børnegården Blistrup has been serving this community for more than four decades. And although things cultural norms and education patterns are evolving; the need for clearer communication, less wasted time, and perfect security are a must.

“We try to make things as present as possible – that is one of our keywords.”

Favorite Parent Features

When Børnegården Blistrup Met Parent

“We discovered Parent online. We searched for day care institutions and what you could get from exciting solutions for digitalization. We did not have a digital system in advance. We drove analogous to crossing in on a piece of paper and were actually pleased about it far down the road, until it was actually the parents who made us most aware that they would like some more pictures and more of the things the kids experienced in everyday life, so they could talk to the children about it when they got home.”

Parent’s smooth communication and robust planning tools can make any institution’s worries become history. When we met with Børnegården Blistrup’s leader Jens Ole Clausen and accompanying staff, we discovered key areas that can turn the tides in our favor.

  • Some key culprits stood out to us the most
  • Ineffective internal and external communication
  • Difficulty in tracking child progress, status & bedtimes
  • Redundant tasks and excessive paperwork
  • Holiday feedback sorely lacking
  • Weak room and staff planning

“What we came across most at Parent was that it had many opportunities to expand. For example: parental payment. It was the only system we could see that had parental payment inside – as an option.”

What Parent Did for Børnegården Blistrup

After setting up our timelines and getting a clearer picture of our roadmap, we set off to integrating Parent with Børnegården Blistrup’s staff routine. It took relatively little time for everyone to get the hang of things, and the results spoke for themselves.

Better Communication

“Parent changes my way of working, especially in terms of communication both with parents and staff. I also had such an example of a day when we had to change a circus show due to a storm. I had to write a message to all parents on the 13th, and we were supposed to have the show at 4pm, which should have been the day after.

I sent a message at 12:30pm, and I have not heard a single parent who has complained that they have not received the message. The fact that I can communicate so precisely in such a short time is a new way of working. I’m surprised.”

Better Planning

“One of the bigger challenges has been holiday feedback. And that’s what we’re learning. We are delighted to have it in Parent, because it allows us to get accurate answers from parents when we have a holiday.

It is a huge help to us that we can get that message as accurately as possible from the parents. And the system is telling the parents about it and reminding them to answer. We had to do it ourselves by email before, and we had to find out who had answered and who had not answered; it was very difficult. It was very time-consuming before, but now much less with Parent. So, that’s one of the things we’re really happy about.”

Planning ahead is something Børnegården Blistrup values most. From simple check-ins to room planning, staff scheduling, ratios, meal times and even nap times; Parent had everything covered.

“It’s a little easier to plan when we need to have extra staff. We can see at 9AM that there are actually four sick children in that room, so we do not need extra staff.”

Better Support

“Our experience using Parent has been really good. We have received excellent support. We have someone we contact named Lea who is superb at helping us right away. Furthermore, we were afraid in the beginning that it will take a lot of time to get, which of course was the case. But now we have no problems with it anymore. “

What would Parent be without its dedication to prompt support? Not where it is today. Parent made sure that everything from onboarding to the finer aspects of the solution were made clear to Børnegården Blistrup’s staff. And help was always a touch away.

“Because she answers within five minutes, it has been nice and easy to just type something in for her, and then an answer comes, or to call her, and then she calls back. So that way it has worked really well.”

Børnegården Blistrup Today

“What I would say to others about Parent and why they should use Parent will be mostly about communication to parents and sending messages and pictures and videos to the parents about what is happening in the institution. I think that’s the most important feature now.”

With communications becoming much clearer for all involved, and with parents firmly kept in the loop of things: Børnegården Blistrup is entering a new era of operation. Parent work hard to make the transition from paper to digital go as smoothly and seamlessly as possible. Børnegården Blistrup continues to explore more of Parent’s functionality, and our journey together continues.

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