Parent™ Childcare Management Software Features

Class Management

Advanced Features to Manage Daycares of the Future

Parent child care classes management dashboard
Parent child care classes progress overview dashboard

Class Overview

Be informed of the attendance, nap times, meal times, birthdays, and more information of all kids in each class

Monitor all classroom activities from anywhere so you can take any necessary action without delay

Instantly report incidents and let parents know what actions were taken and how quickly you responded

Comprehensive & Quick-Access Reports

Maintain complete records of registration and attendance of students and staff. Be aware of every student’s immunization and allergy data

Store all information about each student and staff member centrally for easy access by authorized personnel

The staff-child ratio is updated in real-time. Ensure smooth operations by using current data to ensure regulatory compliance by predicting staff shortage and making suitable arrangements

Parent child care quick reports access dashboard
Parent child care admin functionalities dashboard

Admin Functionalities

Assign teachers to different classrooms, track their working hours, and assess their performance in real-time

Manage each user’s registration information, level of access, activities, and more from anywhere using your preferred device

Manage all documentation centrally and share it with the staff members you choose

Children Management

Have all the child’s information in one place and keep up to date records of important health information such as allergies, immunization, and doctor’s information.

Detailed daily report for each child that can be easily filtered to show the statuses you want to view such as food consumption, nappy changes, and moods, and much more

Plan holidays and get replies from parents to know how many children are attending so you can plan your staff accordingly

Get parental permissions digitally. Auto-reminders ensure that there are no delays or last-minute decision-making

A detailed leaves graph lets you know how many days the child was sick, on vacation or had a planned holiday. This will help you asses if the child’s performance is affected by the number of days missed

Parent child care profile management dashboard
Parent child care newsfeed dashboard

Communication Tools

Post images and videos of children, classrooms, and events to parent groups in real-time to keep them updated and involved.

Send instant messages to individuals and groups.

Up-to-Date Calendar

Create events and auto-send invites with RSVPs to parents. Automatic reminders so parents respond for an accurate list of who is attending

Set up an automatic reminder a day before the event so parents don’t miss it

Create weekly schedules for the whole daycare, a specific class, or for your staff members with automatic reminders

Parent child care up-to-date calendar dashboard

Robust, Resourceful, and Feature-Packed

A Comprehensive solution to Manage Every Aspect of Your Childcare Center

Track Staff Attendance

Track Staff Attendance

Maintain comprehensive records of student and staff attendance in one place making management easy. Review working hours and leaves of employees to assess performance. Keep track of when students are present or absent due to sickness or a vacation.
Monitor Staff-Child Ratios

Monitor Staff-Child Ratios

Parents enter the expected pickup time when they drop their kids. The system predicts the expected attendance throughout the day and projects the staff-child ratio, which the user can access at any time. Schools can meet regulatory requirements, and identify staffing shortages and excesses and take immediate actions
File Incident Reports

File Incident Reports

Teachers can send digital incident reports to parents with photographs and videos. Parents can then acknowledge picking up their child in the condition mentioned in the report. All the records are stored digitally.
Manage Parental Permissions

Manage Parental Permissions

Centers can easily manage parent permissions by creating consent forms on the platform, and sending it to all children. Parents also receive automated reminders until they reply to the permission request.
Document Management

Document Management

Manage all formats of documents at one place. Conveniently share them when needed while choosing different view and edit permissions for every user.
Attendance Registration

Attendance Registration

The app allows parents to check-in their children when they are inside the centers perimeter using the in-app attendance feature that uses geo-location.
Create Customizable Lists

Create Customizable Lists

Users can create ultra-specific, auto-updated lists. For instance, user has created a list of registered students with allergies. When new students with allergies are registered, they are automatically added to the list. When they leave the childcare, they are automatically removed. These self-updating lists help childcare centers to keep their records current without active staff intervention.
Real-Time Reporting

Real-Time Reporting

Create records of sleep timings, meals, toilet visits, diaper changes, moods, and other daily activities. Make instant entries to create comprehensive and centralized records

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