Head of the apetito Kids & Schools Consult Division

Hello, my name is Christian Klaußner, I am 56 years old and have been working for apetito for 27 years. I work there as the head of the apetito kids & schools consult division.

How important is it to work with the right food provider at the day-care centre?

Children know exactly what they want, especially when it comes to their food. Good taste and a wide variety are the essential conditions. The day-care centre must, of course, meet these requirements when choosing its food provider.

In addition, those responsible for the day-care centre must also ensure that the quality is impeccable and that it is easy to implement on-site. This is exactly what apetito offers the facilities as a catering partner. We guarantee child-friendly taste, plenty of services, flexible and simple preparation on site. With just a few simple steps and a guarantee of success, the daycare centre food is on the table. Whether for a few eaters or for a large facility.

How do you, as apetito, assure parents that it is the right food for the children in the day-care centres?

For more than 45 years, apetito has been an expert when it comes to children’s lunches. During this time, the family-owned company has constantly designed and developed catering concepts.

Our aim is to offer age-appropriate, balanced and varied meals. In this way, we meet the wishes and tastes of the children, but also cover their special nutritional needs. This is exactly what gives the parents the security that their children are optimally catered for at the day-care centre.

How does apetito ensure a balanced meal for the children in its range?

apetito offers numerous fresh frozen food components that have been awarded the “DGE Zert-Konform” logo by the German Nutrition Society. This makes it very easy for the facility to prepare menus for health-promoting catering for the children in accordance with the DGE’s quality standards.

Another new feature is that we are one of the first providers in the communal catering sector to have to label our menus and menu components with the Nutri-Score. Our range for daycare centres includes over 500 products.
This variety offers the opportunity for the little diners to try something new more often. In this way, they learn how delicious healthy food is, using only natural ingredients.

Whether organic, vegetarian, halal or food for allergy sufferers, every child will have a taste for it.

What benefits does the day-care centre gain from working with Parent?

Since mid-2021, apetito has been offering an innovative day-care app for its customers. It is the result of successful cooperation with the app developer Parent. This day-care app supports facilities, providers and parents in their daily work. Among other things, it covers the areas of communication, administration, management and documentation of children’s development.

In this way, it penetrates all areas of the day-to-day work of the day-care centre, simplifies processes, increases security and thus, saves time and money. This ultimately benefits the quality of care for the children. Customers of apetito can access their menu and all important information about the products offered via the app. We get feedback that parents and children particularly like the fact that they can see their daily apetito lunch with attractive photos in their digital calendar.