Hey, Teachers: We’ve Found the Best Parent Trust Builder on the Planet

As teachers, we know you try your best. You’re working with little, tiny people who sometimes seem unmanageable.

They have to go to the bathroom, they want to ask a hundred questions, they need to do better at learning math.

And you have a whole room of these kids, all who deserve your attention. And you’re giving them all the best version of you that you can. But do their parents know that?

Sometimes parents have a skewed version of what’s going on in their child’s life in the classroom. All they might hear at the dinner table that night is, “My teacher said I couldn’t go the bathroom and I don’t know how to do math.”

Yikes. That certainly wasn’t translated well. That’s where Parents.eu can be the ultimate tool for parents, teachers, and children to streamline their lives, virtually.

The Parent App. allows parents and teachers to interact seamlessly to see how a child is progressing in the classroom, with activities and much more. It’s the ultimate trust builder.

Parents will be relieved to know that you’re giving their little on the individual attention they deserve, and teachers will be thrilled to have an all-in-one solution to communicate.

So stop with the little scraps of paper notes back to your student’s parents. Don’t worry about late night text messages from a parent wondering if their child did well on a test.

Parent.eu is truly a teacher’s best friend. It lets you stay organized, streamlined, engaged – and on top of what your students school life is all about, so you can get back to being the awesome teacher you are.

But yes, the kids are still going to ask to use the bathroom a thousand times a day. We can’t fix that.