New Brunswick Curriculum Framework for Early Learning and Child Care
Throughout Canada and the world there is a growing recognition of the need to value and support the learning and child care of our youngest children. The New Brunswick Curriculum Framework for Early Learning and Child Care — English addresses this need by providing the foundation for an emergent and engaging curriculum for children from birth to five, one that will encourage optimum development in an atmosphere of trust, security, and respect. As such it seeks to: o Articulate common values, goals, and principles for early learning and child care that are open to ongoing input and change; o Identify essential areas of early learning and care and holistic pedagogies for young children; o Provide a supportive structure for educators as they co-construct curriculum with children, families, and communities at the local level; o Affirm exemplary practices while encouraging the ongoing dynamic development of diverse practice in the field; o Develop a shared professional language for discussion of early learning and child care policy and practice; o Contribute to ongoing questioning, discussions, and critical reflection about early learning and care in New Brunswick; o Prompt change by directing attention to questions about our agenda for children and the ways in which we respect children’s capacities, ideas and potentials. Suited for home-based and centre-based care, the framework can be used as a source of information for parents, early childhood educators, and other professionals and paraprofessionals. It is intended to facilitate continuity of learning and care by connecting to diverse home practices, linking with other community-based programs and supports, and complementing the school curriculum.