Parent Enterprise

Simplify day to day work by empowering teachers and retain them using an intuitive solution to build genuine relationships with parents.

Ultrafast and super easy childcare software

A large majority of the childcare centers, nurseries, and preschools continue to plough through mountains of paperwork and rely on outdated tools like spreadsheets, emails, and text messages for their routine operations; while Parent brings efficiency and speed to your childcare management, by saving you, the teachers, the parents, and the children invaluable time.

Parent child care management ultrafast software
Parent child care management increasing trust software

Increase parents’ satisfaction and advocacy

Parent is designed to put parents’ mind at ease, they can monitor their children daily activities, get notified about future events, and access reports right from a single screen. They can track their child’s progress & development through their early years with scientific methods.

Empower talent enrollment and retention

You can empower your teachers by trusting them to directly communicate with parents. Parent will help you retain talented staff by removing the hassle, paperwork, and daily phone calls from parents out of your staff’s day.

Parent child care management empower talent software

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