From the land of Burj Khalifa,

Nouhad Doughan, Kids Spot – UAE

What’s your greatest accomplishment?
Maintaining work-life balance. I have three amazing children and I run two of the UAE’s top nurseries. Starting from one nursery with four children to three nurseries and over 1,500 children in merely eight years.


What are your attributes for a successful career? 

  1. Hard work and passion
  2. Flexibility
  3. Consistent support from family and close friends
  4. An incredible team

Nouhad Doughan
Kids Spot Nursery

All the way to Seestrasse,

Joanna Koller, KIDSatLAKE – Switzerland

Johanna Koller

What are the obstacles you faced, and how did you solve these obstacles?
Obstacles are not a burden for me and KIDSatLAKE as a company, rather they are the challenges we have grown with over the last 11 years and can now draw on a wealth of experience. Finding good staff that fits the KIDSatLAKE concept and communicating my vision and the company’s goals to the staff. It is also a challenge for any young dynamic company to adapt structures to growth in order to ensure quality.

From Thuringia,

Astrid Klaußner, TSA – Germany

What are your key elements of professional development?
Having highly-skilled and motivated people to work with, also, maintaining and developing professional standards at all times.


Tell us about a challenging work situation: 

  • Implementing COVID-19’s regulation in a timely manner
  • Finding and retaining skilled employees at a time of upheaval
  • Maintaining high spirits and motivation to pass on to our children post-pandemic

Astrid Klaußner
Business Unit Manager,

From a happy nation

Joan Finken, Børnehuset Ullerslev – Denmark

Joan Finken
Børnehuset Ullerslev

How did Børnehuset Ullerslev come to life?
Our journey started in 1971. In 2010, we shifted from a municipal nursery to an independent Danish institute that caters to childcare needs.

What was the most challenging part?
I had to learn all the nooks and crannies of management from scratch. It was a bit overwhelming at first as everything was new to me. Yet, I had an entire team backing me up. So, it all turned out great in the end.

Then to Mount Lebanon,

Nadine Obeid, Parent – Lebanon

Who’s your biggest inspiration?
My mother hands down. She’s a 79-year-old grandma with a fighter spirit! She never fails to inspire me to this day.


Recent Challenges: 
Our CEO asked me to jump in and help mentor and train the commercial team to boost their proactivity. By the end of the second month, the team’s spirit was lifted. Their product knowledge increased; their belief in the journey also was amplified.

Nadine Obeid
Marketing Manager,