South Carolina Early Learning Standards

The SC-ELS Goals and Developmental Indicators describe expectations for what children will learn, starting with infancy and covering all ages through kindergarten entry. The Goals and Developmental Indicators are divided into six domains:
• Approaches to Play and Learning (APL)
• Emotional and Social Development (ESD)
• Health and Physical Development (HPD)
• Language Development and Communication (LDC)
• Mathematical Thinking and Expression (MTE)
• Cognitive Development (CD) All six of the domains are essential components in the SCELS because all children develop differently. All domains are equally important and overlap is to be expected. The overlap is needed because children’s development and learning are integrated or interrelated. The progress that a child makes in one domain is related to the progress he or she makes in other domains. For example, as a child interacts with adults (i.e., Social Development), she/he learns new words (i.e., Language Development) that helps her/him understand new concepts (i.e., Cognitive Development). Therefore, it is essential that the SCELS address all six domains, and that teachers and caregivers who use the SC-ELS realize that all six domains are related and should not be considered independently from one another.