Über Parent

Alles, was Sie sich von Ihrem Kinderbetreuungs-Managementsystem gewünscht haben. PLUS Leistungsstarke Funktionen, von denen Sie nicht einmal wussten, dass Sie sie benötigen.



Early childhood years are a crucial phase in the development of children into mature, responsible, and well-rounded individuals. Yet, a large majority of the childcare centers, nurseries, and preschools continue to plough through mountains of paperwork and rely on outdated tools like spreadsheets, emails, and text messages for their routine operations. Even parents often have to jump through hoops to get the information they need from the educators. All this time, which is wasted on obsolete systems, could instead be directed towards the education and development of children.

We noticed the dire state of preschool and childcare management tools in 2014 and immediately set out to change that. By 2015, we had released Parent, an ultra-fast, super-easy, and delightfully feature-rich preschool management app. Parent brings efficiency and speed to your childcare management, while saving you, the parents, and the children invaluable time.

Our Story


Parent is a subsidiary of SameSystem, the company that created a staff efficiency, planning, and management solution. SameSystem is currently deployed and manages over 5.000 stores for approximately 450 companies spread over 14 countries.

During our encounters with numerous businesses, we realized how unorganized and ill-equipped childcare, nurseries, and preschools are across the world. Over the next one year, we worked with small and medium scale institutions to understand their needs, operations, workflows, and communication requirements to develop a comprehensive solution uniquely tailored for this segment. Today, Parent enjoys clientele from around the world, has offices in seven countries, and supports multiple languages.