Virginia’s Foundation Blocks for Early Learning: Comprehensive Standards for Four-Year-Olds

The purpose of this document is to provide early childhood educators a set of minimum standards in literacy, mathematics, science, history and social science, physical and motor skill development, and personal and social development with indicators of success for entering kindergarten that are derived from scientifically-based research. The standards reflect a consensus of children’s conceptual learning, acquisition of basic knowledge, and participation in meaningful and relevant learning experiences. Alignment to Virginia’s Kindergarten Standards of Learning (SOL), to Virginia’s Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening (PALS), and to the national guide, Teaching Our Youngest, A Guide for Preschool Teachers and Child-Care and Family Providers, produced by the Early Childhood-Head Start Task Force (2002), U.S. Department of Education and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is evident.
The material is organized for use as a tool for early childhood educators in developing curriculum and meaningful classroom activities. Each Foundation Block is in box format, and is organized to build towards the Virginia Kindergarten Standards of Learning. Following the boxes, are expectation indicators for the Foundation Blocks. Sample teaching activities are included to assist teachers in the planning of meaningful classroom activities. Helpful terms and references to national consensus documents used in the development of this document are cited for clarification and resource purposes.